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Stop missing the mark in your life.
and now is the time to start thinking, feeling, and acting like it!
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You feel like you’ve been bamboozled.

I get it because I was there.

You show up for a life that looks good on paper but you are still dragging the past with you. You are reeling in your mind, engaging in the same worn out behaviors that are not serving you, and are suffocating under the weight of unending anxiety.
You want to make a change.

You want to let go of the constant questioning and the fear that the other shoe is going to drop.

You want the freedom from stress, the spiral, the comparison, the judgment, guilt, and shame.

Something has to break because you can’t continue running this race with these heavy chains.

The gnawing pain nearly ate me alive. I was living this beautiful life; a happy marriage, healthy babies, a job that was connected to my purpose but this ache was calling me to awaken to the truth that I was living half dead.

I finally realized I didn’t have to live this way. I started digging into the knowledge and mindset tools that I now teach the women I serve and now I live a life my old self would have been jealous of.
This is NOT some esoteric gift that only certain people get to have.
My clients learn very quickly that they can have true emotional wealth and wisdom! They embrace the skills and knowledge to take back their power, create boundaries, and embrace their beautiful uniqueness. My clients find healing and peace on the other side of stressing, controlling, and spiraling.

My clients take inspired action and begin living their most confident, beautiful, abundant & impeccable life.
The experience and time spent with Amanda was life changing. The care and dedication she puts into her work and the person she is working with is unbelievable! My biggest regret is not doing this earlier in life. I can’t thank Amanda enough for showing/teaching me a different way to not only look at life but also handle the unknown and the unwanted. Amanda, you are a PHENOMENAL woman and I can only imagine the number of lives you have already changed as well as the ones you will change in the future. I am so lucky to have you in my corner in this world.
-Krystal Goodman
happy women smiling in white and red polka dot shirt
Girl, you can have it all!
Listen, you don’t need to be fixed but your way of looking at life may need some adjusting. Imagine constructing your life instead of reacting to it!Here’s what life gets to look like when you step into all of this goodness of your divine
It’s time to fully live it and this program is finally going to get you the transformation you are seeking. My clients experience a life that their old self would have been jealous of every day. Their relationships are on fire, they reach for higher quality thoughts and feelings that keep them thriving instead of surviving.
Hey there! I am Amanda DeNardo.
I HELP COURAGEOUS WOMEN STEP INTO ALL OF THE POSSIBILITIES without the chaos, exhaustion, and mind drama.

In 2015, I was suffocating under the weight of all of the chaos, the limiting beliefs, and my controlling behaviors. I woke up day after day-allowing myself to become a victim of my life’s circumstances. I was going through the motions in my marriage, my career, and dimming my own light.

I finally realized I didn’t have to live this way. I started digging into the knowledge and mindset tools that I now teach the women I serve.

My clients are living a life their old self would have been jealous of. They feel their emotions and always reach for better thoughts and feelings. My clients have faith in what gets to be possible now and in the future, they experience love and joy in their relationships, and they have time for what expands them.

Girl, you can have it all!
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