Yes, YOU can have it ALL!
This high value coaching container will get you to a space where you are walking your walk and talking your talk. This effortless, peaceful life is knocking at your door.  

What would it mean to know–without a doubt– what you WANT and HOW to take the steps to actually seeing all of it show up.

Oh yes, beauty! This is your one life and individual coaching is going to get you to a place where you’re living it ON FIRE!

How does 1:1 Coaching Support You?
    What would it mean to feel content, inspired, and empowered every day (yes, every day!) Imagine how–even the most mundane tasks– will become meaningful because you are using these powerful tools for managing your mind and emotions that connect to true self care and value.
    What would it mean to simplify your mind and organize it like you would your closet? Imagine exhaling that sigh of relief when you declutter your mind, quiet the noise, and then actually fuel your mind with better, clearer thoughts that drive productive, inspired action and behavior? Instead of letting your thoughts pop around like popcorn and create chaos and anxiety, you can create peace and clarity.
    Imagine all of the incredible results you will gain when you learn how to believe the impossible and take MASSIVE ACTION toward achieving all of your goals. So many of my clients actually achieve their New Years Resolution when they use these powerful tools.  Imagine if the procrastination, the exhaustion from the buffering and shaming was removed from your life? Talk about a GAME CHANGER!
    We are going to work together to step into that version of you who is eager to be released! We are going to challenge the beliefs, create action steps that align to your goal and desired outcomes and actually check off the boxes and close the open loops. Once you become a pro at a new way of focusing and utilizing productivity tools and resources provided, you will become a habitual goal-getter and go-giver.
Amanda helped me find  clarity about what I wanted next out of my own life when I felt stuck and confused about where I was . After finding clarity about my situation, she guided me to start living with intention. This resonated with me deeply . She helped me put in the work to look inward and recognize where I was limiting myself. She gave me tools to practice to help shift my behavior and those limiting thoughts.

I can’t express enough how the investment I made working with Amanda has paid off. I am now on my own path of building a health business and have found my own mindful awareness practices that I have continued to use because of her.

Being new to the coaching world myself , I was skeptical about how much I would gain out of this experience. I couldn’t have been more wrong , I carry it with me literally every day. Amanda is genuine, caring and very passionate about what she does . Her energy is infiltrating and down right inspiring . I consider myself lucky to have worked with her.

- Gina Pauze
How it works & what's included
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3 month container

Weekly Sessions
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Option 2


6 month container

Weekly Sessions
Payment options available
My experience and time spent with Amanda was life changing. The care and dedication she puts into her work and the person she is working with is unbelievable! My biggest regret is not doing this earlier in life. I can't thank Amanda enough for showing and teaching me a different way to not only look at life but also handle the unknown and the unwanted. Amanda is a PHENOMENAL.

- Krystal Goodman