Like many of my clients, my skin was crawling as I woke up day after day-allowing myself to become a victim of my life’s circumstances. I was going through the motions in my marriage, my career, and dimming my own light.

I finally realized I didn’t have to live this way. I started digging into the knowledge and mindset tools that I now teach the women I serve .

For The Past Seven Years,

I have been living a life my old self would have been jealous of. I feel my emotions and always reach for better feelings. I have faith in myself and in my future self. My marriage is on fire. My relationships and business are thriving and I have time for what expands me .

This is NOT some esoteric gift that only certain people get to have.

My clients learn very quickly that they can have true emotional wealth and wisdom that translate to their external world.

Allow me to provide you with the knowledge and skillset to build confidence, become a firm decision maker, create boundaries, and embrace your all of your uniqueness.

You will find clarity and peace on the other side of stressing, controlling, and spiraling.

Get ready to take inspired action and begin living your most confident, beautiful, abundant & desirable life.

Amanda Denardo has an M.Ed in Counseling and is a Certified Coach